14 July 2013

Hike in Bucegi Mountains

The initial plan for the weekend was a hike in Făgărași mountains, to Moldoveanu Peak (2544m), the highest point in Romania. However, the weather did not look too good. No rains were forecasted but it looked like the high mountains will be covered in clouds - and indeed, they were for the whole day. So in the last minute the plan was changed to a hike in Bucegi Mountains; closer to home.

The hike started and ended in Bușteni town; the town is located just under the impressive eastern rocky abrupt of Bucegi Mountains. We followed a classical and popular route: uphill on Jepilor valley until the high plateau of Bucegi, then a walk to Omu peak (2505m - the highest of Bucegi), followed by a descent on the mighty glacial Cerbului Valley.

The summer so far was quite wet, with almost daily rains, especially in the mountains. So the pastures and meadows of Bucegi are greener than I ever remember. All sorts of flower were blooming everywhere! It was like walking through a garden!

During the hike I met several teams doing last minute training or just exploring the route of the next week mountain race Marathon 7500. It is a race for teams of two. I am going to participate with my running team mate and work colleague Andrei. We will do the shorter "Hobby" race, which is still a challenging one: 42km with 3200m of elevation gain - harder than any other 42km mountain marathon in Romania. The full race is quite insane: 95km and 7500m of elevation gain - now you know why is called Marathon 7500.

With just a week to go to the race I did a very relaxing hike, saving my knees for the race. I took photos and enjoyed the landscapes. During the race I will be concentrated on the path and I do not plan to carry a photo camera with me.

I managed to take quite a few photos along the route; many with flowers - not perfect photos as I could not spend too much time on each shot. All photos are taken with a 50mm equivalent lens. Some are cropped. Here are the best shots of the day.

A small waterfall on Jepilor Valley

Uphill on Jepilor Valley. It is a popular route, but not an easy one!

View from Jepilor valley

Heading to Omu Peal on the high plateau of Bucegi - here at 2300m altitude

A look to the south

An old Romanian 4x4 car still going strong!

Ascending clouds on Cerbului Valley

The large glacial circus of Obarsiei valley

The path on Cerbului Valley

The old chalet on Omu Peak

Clouds on Costila Mountain

Cerbului Valley

A sheep flock on Cerbului Valley

A sheep flock on Cerbului Valley

Jurasic parc...

Costilei meadow

One last jump

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