31 October 2015

Running on the The Twin Peaks of Brasov

Today, with another Mihai, an experimented trail runner I finally did a run I planned for a long time. It is becoming a classical route, completed by many experienced trail runners.  The route reaches both peaks of Brasov mountains; Piatra Mare (1844m) and Postavarul (1799m) peaks. The two massifs are separated by the deep Timis Valley at about 800m altitude. It is not an easy route and I do not recommend it for solo runners as part of the route, especially the south side of Postavarul Mountain, passes through quite wild forests.

While the two peaks are not too high, both climbs of the route are quite steep and take you more than 1000m higher than the starting point. The accumulated elevation gain of the route is a respectable 2300m.

Today, the last day of October, was a perfect autumn day: Perfect Blue skyes, cool, calm and dry weather; just perfect conditions for running. I do not want to imagine how it is to climb on the south side of Postavarul Mountain on a hot summer day!

Here is the GPS recorded route of today:

The views and the clarity of the atmosphere were stunning as it is often the case in late autumn and winter. Below are some photos I took today. The full album is here.

Close to Piatra Mare Peak - Looking East

Piatra Craiului mountains (in the distance), seen from Piatra Mare

The Mighty Bucegi Mountains

Looking west

View towards Muchea Cheii (Cheii Ridge) from Tamina valley

Crossing the valley and the railways in Timisu de Sus and switching mountains...

Autumn Colors on the climb to Postavarul

Postavarul Peak... still a long way to the top!

Bucegi again

The beautiful Muchea Cheii (Cheii Ridge)

The beautiful Muchea Cheii (Cheii Ridge)

On Postavarul Ridge

Piatra Craiului Mountains seen from Postavarul Ridge

Autumn leaves

Brasov... home sweet home!

25 October 2015

Magical Autumn Colors

It always happens so fast during October... a few cold nights and the forest changes the color from green to the amazing autumnal palette of colors. So I slowed down today... I had to take photos! I took my camera and did a tour on the hills around Brasov through the magical forest.

For the next week, maybe even longer, the weather forecast looks really good! Sunny weather, deep blue sky and amazing forest colors! I just can't wait for the next trail runs!

Here are some photos from today's walk in the forest. The album can also be seen here.