13 November 2016

Three days, three seasons...

This was an amazing weekend! Each day was unique, with wonderful weather. Each day was so different from the others! Each morning I said that I should have a rest day, but then, when seeing the weather and the landscape outside, I had to go for a run!

Friday was a glorious day. Dry, cold and calm weather with blue skies and very good visibility. I did a long run enjoying the frozen trails and the little dust of snow from the day before. The views were fantastic... I wish I had a bit more time so I would have climb to top of Postavarul. Here are three photos from my Friday run:

The beautiful road to Poiana Brasov

View towards Piatra Craiului and Fagarasi Mountains

Saturday was one of those windy and warm days. The foehn wind was announcing the fact that the weather is going to change. The mountains were covered in thick clouds, but at lower altitudes it was rather sunny as in this photo I took while running to Poiana.

On The forest road to Poiana. Postavarul peak is hidden behind the clouds

Sunday brought us first snow down in Brasov city. The morning looked like a normal November morning, gray and wet after the overnight rain. Then, around 8 AM it started to snow. By 10AM the landscape was completely changed! Winter! The snow came with strong winds. I went for a run to Poiana, on my usual route. Most of the time the route follows the valleys, being quite sheltered from the strong winds. Occasionally, on the more exposed places the wind gusts were quite powerful storming the fresh snow, blinding me and reducing the visibility to a few tens of meters.

What a change from yesterday!

This is how I looked after 90 minutes of running through the snow storm... Not too white actually...

What can be better than running through the snow, then a hot shower, a good warm meal and a lazy Sunday afternoon in the warm home...