26 September 2015

Hike on Ecomarathon route

 Although it is the end of September, it feels more like the end of August. It is still warm and everything is still green - no autumn colors in sight, even at higher altitudes. I really miss the fresh and cool autumn days, I am fed up with running in the warm weather. So when I was invited for a slower hike today I was happy to join the hikers party...

The plan was to hike high to the top on Bucegi mountain and back on the Northern Abrupt, but the unstable weather made us to change the plans and look for a route at lower altitudes.  So we  went to Moieciu and hiked along the beautiful third loop of Ecomarathon  race route. This route offers breathtaking landscapes of the mountains in the Bran area. It was a great choice for the half sunny, half rainy day. Below are some photos from the hike. And here are photos from  the same hike, two years ago in October.