18 November 2018


Less than a week ago I was sun-bathing on the mountain peaks... In the meanwhile first show of the winter arrived! It is real winter high on the mountains! I had to swap my trail running shoes for hiking boots...
Here are some photos taken this weekend on Postavarul and Piatra Mare mountains, near Brasov.

09 November 2018

Long Indian Summer

This year, we are experiencing the warmest, sunniest and driest autumn I remember in Brasov! Great weather to be outdoors, run, cycle or climb the mountains. Great weather and colors for taking photos. A very long Indian Summer!

On the other hand this weather is worrying. It almost feels like the winter does not plan to come... It is almost mid November and my tomato plants in the garden are still well, flowering and producing fruits. Normally we should have had some nights with serious freezing by now,  and also a couple of snowfalls on the mountains. It only snowed once, but a few days later the temperature was over +20C at 1500m altitude... Like in the middle of the summer!

Here are a few photos I took on the hills and mountains around Brasov during this autumn season.