Simplicity: For me it is probably the best reason for trail running; a good example of why less is often more...

When running I am just using my feet for what they are supposed to be used for. My feet can take me anywhere on any trail. So I follow them wandering to the depths of the forest, to the mountain tops, along water streams, across meadows. I enjoy the simplicity of trail running, of being in the nature, observing and trying to understand it. I often wonder about how many things we humans try before (re)discovering the simple and the most natural things.

I used to cycle a lot, but the more technical trails in my area were off-limits, at least with my cycling skills. I also got bored cleaning my bike after each trip through the forest. If it was wet, then I would have to clean the mud. When dry, I would have to clean the dust from the chain. And sometimes I would not go out at all because it would be to wet or too cold to cycle and I would freeze when going downhill. I also got tired of the technical stuff: gears, brakes, frames, rims, pedals, tires...

When running there are no technical things to distract me. I also discovered that I actually enjoy running on any type of weather. When I run I observe and enjoy  the nature with all of my senses. Every day brings something different, something new. The changing lights and shadows as the sun is following a new path on each day of the year. The freshness of the nature when it is raining. The quietness of the snow covered landscape in winter and the foot-prints left by the animals on the snow. The rise and the descent of the seasons on the mountains in the spring and autumn when I often enjoy two or three seasons in the same day when running up and down the mountains. The joy of being on a mountain top in full sunshine above a sea of clouds.

Sometimes we just have to go back to the basics, leave out all the extra and often unnecessary stuff that the technological civilization overwhelms us with. Sometimes we should simply just go out and enjoy the nature and understand it. Realize that we are a part of it, and understand that our well being depends so much on the health of our fragile planet and that the health of the planet is in our hands.

Sometimes just try to leave the office, the car, the gym, the mall, the computer, the TV. Turn everything off and simply go out and enjoy a simple day in nature. Just put on your running shoes and hit the trails!

Simply go out and experience the real world around you!

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