31 December 2016

2016 Running Summary

Here are my running statistics for 2016. What I find amazing is that I ran almost the same distance and elevation gain as last two years... Even the number or runs is almost identical, and the speed too!

Actually the statistics for this year might be a bit inflated. During the summer, when running in the forest under the canopy, my phone's GPS  is not too precise and tends to inflate the distances... In any case, my intention was to run a bit less and a bit slower this year...

Running Sessions110173196196197
Total Distance15292915359936653606
Total elevation gain [meters]

Total running time156h 41m347h 32m433h 18m410h 21m403h 43m
Average speed [km/h]9.68.398.318.938.93
Average pace [min/km]6:157:097.136:436:43
Average run length [km]13.916.818.318.718.3

* Estimated

I ended 2016 with two ski days, as this season so far we had a real winter - unlike last year.
I also plan to start next year with a ski tour from home to the top of Postavarul mountain. See you there 😅.

31 Dec 2016 on Postavarul Mountain
This Christmas I marked two years of being vegan. So far the vegan life style worked great for me! And I plan to continue it indefinitely...

Have a Happy 2016!

25 December 2016

White Christmas!

Finally a proper white Christmas! What used to be the absolute norm in Brasov, has become more of an exception during the warming last two decades...

This photo is taken a week ago, along the most popular walking and running roads in the city.  It still looks quite similar today, thanks to the the cold weather of the last week.

Down in the valley, the city did not  get too much sunshine during the last week. It was covered by a low layer of clouds; yet the snow makes it look bright and festive!

Have a Merry Christmas!

19 December 2016


This year we seem to have a normal December in Brasov. At least, it is how I remember it! So far, on most days this month the temperature stayed below zero degrees Celsius. Some mornings were really frosty, with temperatures less than -15C. We also have snow in the city for many days now...
After the last winters when we had higher and higher record temperatures and springtime like weather during the Christmas, this winter almost feels a bit odd... it just emphasizes the fact that the last winters were too warm!

Yesterday I took a photo stroll near Brasov, through the forests on Postavarul Mountain. All was still and frozen like it should be during a winter day. The sun is now about at the lowest above horizon as we are just days away from the winter solstice. The low sun, filtered through the forest canopy combined with the bright snow produces such a special lighting...

Here are some of the best shots of the day: