31 December 2019

2019 Statistics

2019 was an interesting year as from the beginning of June I moved to a flat city, just a few meters above sea level... Quite a change from my previous years, spent in a mountainous area with the average running altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level...

The next table summarizes the running and cycling statistics for the last years.

A few comments on the 2019 statistics.


  • Almost the same number of runs as on 2018
  • The total distance is slightly smaller as there is a bit less fun running on the plains...
  • As there were far fewer climbs, the average speed is increased quite a bit
  • The total elevation gain decreased to a bit more than 5/12 of 2018... I spent just 5 months of 2019 in the mountains...


  • Similar number of recorded cycling trips as in 2018. I used a bike more, but the city commuting is not part of this statistic.
  • The distance is less than half of last year, Some of the cycling trips were family style, on my city "Dutch Style" bike.
  • The average speed is also less than in 2018, due to the family rides.
  • The ride elevation is greatly reduced due to the new much flatter area where I currently live...
  • Longest ride is still a respectable 205 km