30 July 2013

Fagarasi Mountains - The Transylvanian Alps

Less is more!
As this is a blog about running, I would usually mean that less of something means more running... However, this time less running means more photos. This Sunday I did a day hike on the main Ridge of Fagarasi Mountains. Vlad, my work colleague picked me up with his car at 5AM in the morning and we drove for more than 2 hours up to Balea Lake, at 2000m altitude, in the heart of Fagarasi Mountains, below the main ridge. We did a day hike along the main ridge, covering about 10% of the ridge length, between Paltinu and Mircii peaks.

In Fagarasi I get the feeling that the mountain overwhelms me, more than on other massifs in the Carpathians. Fagarasi are indeed the most massive and the highest mountains of the Romanian Carpathians. They really deserve the "Transylvanian Alps" nickname!

I took many photos on the way. I would not tell you the precise location of each photo... you have to go there and discover yourself... ;-)
Here is a selection of the photos. The complete album is also available on Picassa.

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