01 July 2017

A Beautiful Sky Run route in Bucegi Mountains

As forecasted, today was the hottest day of the year so far. Over 30C in Brasov. Too hot for running... Actually south of the Carpathians it was over 40C today. By comparison Brasov was a very pleasant and cool place today!

In any case, it was clear to me that if I wanted to run I had to look for cooler temperatures high on the mountains and also to start early and keep the uphill in the shade. So I was very happy when my colleague Vlad said that he was going to join me on the mountain run I proposed.

We started early and by mid-day we completed our sky running tour. Almost half of the rpute was above 2000m altitude and we touched all three of the major north side peaks of Bucegi Mountain: Bucsoiu (2492m), Omu(2505m), Scara(2422m).

It was warm also high on the mountain, but the strong wind kept us cool and our T-shirts dry!

Here is the movie of the run:

And a few photos:

Malaiesti Valley

Looking Down to malaiesti Valley from Brana Caprelor

Looking back to Bucsoiu and Omu Peaks

The small Tiganesti glacial lake

The GPS recorded route:

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