09 April 2017

Winter strikes back!

Every springtime in Brasov, the winter does not leave without fighting back. Sometimes we get snow as late as end of May. Snow falls in April are quite common in Brasov, often quite abundant! but the springtime snow lasts longer only on the higher mountains.

Yesterday it was a cold gray and wet day. In the morning I could see that the hills above Brasov were white with fresh snow. After the rain stopped I did a run into the forests. Above 1000m altitude the landscape was white, looking almost like a real winter.

Today, Sunday, the weather got better, just perfect to venture higher on the mountains. This time I took my skis and went to Poiana. I started to climb Postavarul mountain on foot and about half way up I found-out that the season ski pass was still available today, although the ski season was officially closed last week! I had a ski pass with one hour left on it... so I used it, then I remained high on Postavarul Mountain to enjoy the fresh off-piste powder snow.! Then on skis to Poiana and from there on foot back home.
I had a good cross training today: Hiking up and down to and from Poiana Brasov  ski resort, skiing on slopes and off piste and climbing a valley on ski boots...

Here are a few photos I took today. Winter on the mountains, springtime in the valleys...

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