10 July 2016

Sea Side Promenade Running

This year,  we have chosen for our summer holiday a destination so different from our mountain town: The island of Malta. A very interesting place to visit and discover.

The highlight of the holiday was the sea. I did not expect such clean and calm water and so full of sea-life! We spent a lot of time in the water, swimming and admiring the fish - all sizes, shapes and colors one could expect.

I started every day with an early morning run. From St. Julian's where our hotel was, until the capital city La Valletta, there is a long winding promenade following the sea shore for about 8-9km. Very nice place to run, yet so different from the quiet and cool forests back home.

At 6AM in the morning there were already tens of runners along the promenade! Understandable, as this was of course the coolest time of the day. As this is on the eastern side of the island, I could also see a few very nice sun-rises.

Here are a few photos I took with my phone camera during the morning runs.

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