18 May 2015

The Beautiful Schei

Last week I did a break from my running routine and I took some photos of the city area where I live: Schei district of Brasov. It is a very old and picturesque part of the city where many old traditions are still kept alive. It probably started as a small mountain village before the medieval walled city was build lower on the valley, blocking the access and transforming Schei into a suburb.

One special thing about this part of the city is that although very close to the city center, it feels more like a village!

Almost every time I go out for a run I begin or end my run along the narrow streets of Schei. You can find the complete album following this link. Here are a few highlights:

Typical Narrow street in Schei
Traditional house gate
Old and new houses
Street in Schei
Snow-White and the dwarfs...
Close to "Pietrele lui Solomon", the southern end of Schei
The city edge at "Pietrele lui Solomon": BBQ paradise!
"Pietrele lui Solomon" - Solomon's Rocks.
The ruin of the old Inn at Pietrele lui Solomon
Behind the Gardens of Schei

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