03 April 2015

Lambs' Snow!

It looks like the spring weather is coming late this year. March was quite cool and now April is starting with some fresh snow. Lambs' Snow as we call the snow that falls around the Easter time. As the trees are not yet flowering, there is not much harm caused by the snow.

Around noon I ran on my usual 15 km route up to Poiana Brasov and back. It was snowing very abundantly! Quite a snow storm I would say, especially that at some point I heard a thunder, something quite rare during a snow fall!

This is how I was looking during the run... like Santa...

In any case, the run was amazing. It is so great to run on fresh snow when it is just a few centimeters deep!

Tomorrow, is race day in Brasov! The fourth edition of Brasov Half-Marathon, a popular trail running race. The start is just 200m from my home. I participated two times in the past. Last year I took photos. I decided to skip this race again this year... It was an inspired decision. Tomorrow I will hit the ski slopes... As for the race, they will be OK with the snow. There is just a bit of snow to spice the race! The old snow is already gone from the race route.

Later in the afternoon the snow showers stopped and we got some amazing sunshine, perfect for taking photos.

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