30 August 2014


Today I did a speed hiking/trail running tour in Bucegi Mountains. A wonderful route through the highest and wildest area of Bucegi mountains. Here is the track of the day. Only 20km, but hard, with steep and often rocky slopes and around 1800m of accumulated elevation gain. The highest point of the route was the imposing Bucsoiu Peak, at 2492m.

At some point along the route, Cristi, my running colleague of today spotted lots of edelweiss flowers, just a few meters below the trail! There were lots of them. I have never seen so many... In fact I am not sure I have seen edelweiss flowers in the wild before. Of course we left them untouched and I hope that nobody will harm them as they are quite rare and of course, a protected species of flowers.  Here are a couple of photos:

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