02 May 2014

May 2nd on Piatra Mare

The sister mountains Piatra Mare and Postavarul are located just outside my hometown Brasov, and are often referred to as Brasov's Mountains.

Most of Brasov is built on and the the bottom of Postavarul foothills so I know Postavarul very well as I spend a lot of time here running, skiing, cycling, hiking, walking. I just have to get out the door and go up through the forest: 10km away and 1200m higher I can reach the summit. On the other hand, I do not hike or run so often on Piatra Mare as it is located a bit further from Brasov. It is separated from Postavarul by the the deep Timis valley. Although the two mountains are quite similar, Piatra Mare is wilder, slightly higher and a bit more massive. It has a nice open plateau on the top, while Postavarul peak is narrow and pointed.

Today it was a typical May day, with unstable weather. Not the perfect day for running or to go on higher mountains for skiing. As I was a bit tired from the previous day running session I thought that it might be a good opportunity for a slower hike on Piatra Mare. I had to go there in the morning, before the afternoon rains would start. I was right. The morning was partly sunny. We reached the top of the mountain just in time to get some wonderful photos of the landscape as the clouds were closing in. It started to rain later, while we were in the forest, half-way on the return route.

Here are the photos of the day. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Enjoy!

Piatra Mare top seen from the ruin of the old chalet
On the top plateau
Clouds everywhere!
To the north, still bathing in sunshine, Brasov City
A lock back to the top as we start to hurry down the mountain
View towards South to Baiului Mountains
Spring time!
Struggle for survival
Water everywhere... and it starts to rain too...
Cliff face seen from the forest below

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