12 April 2014

Snow at last!

It is almost mid April and at last we got some serious snow on the mountains! In the 2013-2014 winter season we had almost no real winter in Brasov! It was the weirdest winter I remember. It felt more like  a long autumn followed by a very early spring, with just a couple of weeks in between that felt like real winter. Moreover, not only that the winter was unusually warm, but it was also very dry, with little snow on the mountains.

So this winter, instead skiing I did a lot of trail running. I almost declared the ski season closed, when surprise! Three days ago, suddenly, the weather got cold and wet. Down in the city it rained almost continuously for more than 3 days. Higher than 1000m it snowed. This morning I had my first and last real powder ski day of the season in Postavarul Mountain. 9 downhills through powder snow from the top of the ski slopes (1770m) down to Poiana Brasov ski resort (1050m). The upper half of the mountain was covered in 70cm of fresh dense powder snow, perfect for skiing. The lower part had about 40cm of wet and heavy snow, a bit more demanding for skiing.

It was a great skiing day! Here the few photos I took... the rest of the time I was busy skiing...
Waiting for the cable-car. It looks promising!
Through the wet window of the cable car
Big Powder, here I come!
On the top ridge of Postavarul Mountain
I wish I could see my trace, but the whole day was wet and foggy
Back home. The snow came down the mountain very close to the city
In the evening, a look back at the webcam on Postavarul... The weather seem to get better!

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