31 December 2013

2013 - My Running Statistics

Today I filled my last line of my 2013 running log table as I ended the year with a great trail running session on the hlls around Brasov. So it is time for some statistics of 2013:
  • 173 running sessions
  • Total distance: 2908 km
  • Average running distance per session: 16.8 km
  • Average running distance per week: 55.9 km
  • Total running time: 347.5 hours
  • Average running speed: 8.37 km/h
  • Average pace: 7min10s / km
  • 9 races, all in the mountains, including four full marathons (~42km)
So I almost had one running session every two days.
The total distance seems much, but it is not much more than the road distance from Bucharest to London. In any case, I ran 1400km more than in 2012, a quite impressive increase that shows that I became a better runner.

The average speed/pace looks quite low, but keep in mind that I run on mountain trails... probably one third of my running is uphill. I also often include break times in the total time.

I do not have a statistic for the total accumulated elevation gain during 2013. I would reckon that a conservative estimation would be 100,000 meters; that is 100km... more than 11 times climbing the Everest from the sea level to the top. Bucegi 7500 hobby race was the running tour with the highest elevation gain: 3500m.

During the year my preferences shifted towards longer runs at a more relaxed and natural pace. This is why, at this moment I do not feel very attracted to racing... I do not plan many races in 2014. Probably just 2 or 3 marathons.

I also did quite a few hiking and ski touring trips and a few cycling ones during 2013. I did not include these in the statistics. I can add that I do a lot of walking around the city... I reckon I have walked through the city at least 1800 km in 2013...

So that was my running 2013 in numbers... See you next year.
Have a great 2014!

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