10 November 2013

A Beautiful Late Autum Day around Brasov

So far this year, the month of November surprised us with many warm and sunny days, perfect for running and waling. Today I walked with my family through the woods, on the hills around Brasov, following some of my favorite running trails. The slow paced walk allowed me to take many photos along the route. The light was just magical, perfect for photography! Here are some of the best shots of the day:
Beautiful young beech tree forest on Valea cu Apa (Watter's Valley)
Moss detail
Miniature waterfall on Valea cu Apa
Official trail markings (blue stripe) and unofficial race route markings (the green ones)
My favorite running trail in the area!
Same trail, different angle of view...
A view towards Ciucas Mountains
The ruins of the Old Brasovia Fortress on Tampa Mountain
The classical Brasov Snapshot from Tampa Mountain top (960m) 
View of the historical city center of Brasov

If you enjoyed the photos, you can find the complete album of the day here.

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