08 September 2013

Hike on Bucsoiu Peak

I have already hiked along Bucsoiu ridge and on Bucsoiu peak twice this summer. However, both times I was in a great hurry and had not much time to admire the landscape. I was there this June when training for Marathon 7500 and then in July during the Marathon 7500 race. I really wanted to do this scenic route again, but at a slower relaxed pace. Yesterday, the 7th of September was a really perfect day for a mountain hike, so I hit the trail together with my work colleague Vlad. It was a cold but sunny and windless day, with dry and clean atmosphere - just perfect to be high on the mountains!

Bucsoiu Peak is one of the most impressive peaks of Bucegi Mountains, dominating the north side of the Abrupt. The route along Bucsoiu ridge is quite demanding. It is rather steep, and has more than 1000m of elevation gain. It has a short steeper section around the middle of the way. As any steep trail, it is better suited for uphill. I would not recommend it on bad weather as the ridge is quite exposed. The trail is officially closed during the winter season. We returned on the adjacent Malaiesti valley, one of the most spectacular glacial valleys in Bucegi Mountains.

The track recorded during the hike:

Here are some photos I have taken along the way.

Bucsoiu Valley
We will follow the red stripe trail markings
View towards Barsei Land. In the distance, the round shape of Magura Codlei mountain
Half way to the top
Photo Break
In the distance Postavaru Mountain. Hidden behind it, Brasov, my home city.
Scara Peak (2422m)
View to the west. In the distance Piatra Craiului Ridge
Creasta Balaurului (Dragon's Ridge)
Below Bucsoiu Peak
Panorama view towards west
Looking down from Bucsoiu ridge to Malaiesti Valley
Bucsoiu Peak (2493m) 
A warning sign on the descent to Malaiesti Valley. 
Down on Malaiesti Valley
Malaiesti Mountain Hut (1700m)

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