29 August 2013

2 Years of Trail Running

It is about two years since I got serious about trail running. I wasn't running that much before. I was more a mountain biker and a hiker. After two years I feel that I reached my peak performance and still enjoy trail running a lot so It is a good time to draw a line and take some conclusions:
  • 250 running sessions, cumulating:
    • 3800 km in length
    • An estimated 125km of elevation gain
  • Participated in 16 races including 3 full marathons
  • Ran my first half-marathon after half of a year (Brasov Semimarathon that starts/ends in my neighborhood)
  • Ran my first marathon after a year (the amazing Piatra Craiului Marathon)
  • It looks that I prefer full marathon length races as I prefer longer less intense effort rather than short and very intense. The three races I enjoyed most are all full marathon length (42km):
  • Met many interesting new people at competitions or on the trails
  • Made a few people to start running
  • Spent more time outdoors
  • Discovered many new trails in the area
  • The mountains around my city seem smaller than ever...
  • Discovered that it is enjoyable to in any type of weather
  • Lost 10% of my body weight. My weight stabilised after one year
  • I did not get any serious cold in the last two years
  • I tolerate hot and cold weather much better
  • Learned more about my body limits
  • Learned a few new things about sports nutrition and physiology
  • Got really extreme about travelling light...
  • Used 5 pairs of running shoes for different conditions - road, trail, race, cold weather etc.
  • Managed to wear out my first trail running pair of shoes
  • Started this blog

    Plans for the future:

    • Continue running, discover new trails, new mountains
    • Reduce the number of races and instead run just for the pure joy of running.
    • There are two races in my area that I really love and I want to do again:

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